About Larry

Larry Williams is an ordained minister living in Northern Nevada and certified to perform wedding ceremonies in all fifty states. He has been called a “gifted orator” and “talented wordsmith” who loves to script moving ceremonies that are rich in personalization and customization. He will work with each couple to detail a program that is unique, original and will fit your personality. Some couples want it simple, while others have a clear vision and discriminating tastes.

Likewise, he will take the time to understand you (and the family dynamic) so the perfect ceremony is scripted to your satisfaction. He will discuss things like the use, or non use, of religious overtones spoken within the ceremony. Some couples enjoy spiritual references, while other couples wish to have few, if any. Each consultation is an exploration to discover your sensitivity regarding this and expectations of the overall structure of the ceremony. While he considers himself non-denominational – he is most willing to include any number of traditions, ideas and cultural expressions that are important to you and your family.

The Love Story Presentation & Parents Tribute

The hallmark of his ceremonies are The Love Story Presentation and Parents Tribute. These optional features have become his signature pieces. The Love Story is a beautiful walk down memory lane that shares the story of how the two of you met and fell in love. As a graduate of the Marbecca Method Love Story Workshop training program – Larry Williams is the only area officiant qualified to craft and deliver this amazing feature. It will have every guest falling in love with the story that brought you both together.

The Parents Tribute is another one-of-a-kind original feature. It pays tribute to the parents in a moving and unique way that honors their dedicated years of raising the two amazing people that stand before us. It’s a generational tribute that also mentions grandparents and other important people in your life both present and past. This original tribute honors parents in the most amazing way possible and rarely leaves a dry eye anywhere in the front row.

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